Alexia West

 Your Most Pressing Questions…

Before Our Date


Screening before we meet is a non-negotiable, and allows for greater comfort and security. Just as you wouldn’t meet me without knowing anything about me, I also need to be able to get a sense of who I’ll be spending my time with.

Don’t worry – screening is simple. Simply provide the names, emails, and website addresses of two upscale, independent providers who have agreed to act as references for you, and whom you have seen within the past six months.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any providers recently, no worries - there is an alternative method for you.


Deposits are also non-negotiable, and ensure that you are guaranteed time in my schedule. Deposits equal 25% of the consideration fee, and are payable via Venmo, Cashapp, or an Amazon gift card. Deposits can be returned to you in the event of a cancellation; see below for details.


Life happens, and sometimes a cancellation is unavoidable.

Should you cancel with at least 72 hours notice, your deposit will be refunded to you.

Should you cancel with at least 48 hours notice, your deposit will be applied to our rescheduled date.

Should you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, your deposit will be kept as a cancellation fee, and a new deposit will be required to schedule future dates.

On the very rare occasion that I need to cancel, I will immediately return your deposit in full.


Any lewd or explicit communication will not be responded to. Please communicate with me the same way you would communicate with your lawyer, your doctor, or any other professional you see.


Meetings that require travel outside of San Francisco and Oakland will require all travel expenses to be covered.

During Our Date


A 10 minute grace period is always extended, as the busy city streets are often unpredictable. After 10 minutes, I’m afraid any tardiness will count towards the time we have booked.


I will always be showered, fresh, bright-eyed and at my best when we meet. I ask the same of you. A shower will always be available to you at every incall location.

Excessive drinking or drug use is a dangerous turn-off, and I reserve the right to end our date immediately if you arrive or become intoxicated.


My consideration should be placed in an unsealed envelope and left in an obvious location within the first five minutes of our meeting. Should we meet in public, please slip it into a card, gift bag or book you’ve picked out for me.

My consideration will never be requested or discussed with you in person or via email. Any attempts to negotiate my rates will not be entertained, and communication between us will cease immediately should such a thing occur.


For overnight bookings, I require at least 8 hours of uninterrupted shut eye. As with everyone else, I’m at my best when well-rested.

For multi-day bookings, I request a few personal hours per day to meditate, exercise, relax and prim.

After Our Date


I’m more than happy to act as a reference for you if we have seen each other within the past six months. :)


I don’t believe in or participate in review culture, and I ask that you respect this. If you find yourself needing to post reviews of the people that you meet with, we are not compatible.

Extra Special


If you find yourself eager to share some time with me outside of the Bay Area, I’m delighted to meet you wherever you are.

After screening is complete, travel expenses are to be covered upfront with an airline or Amtrak gift card. I travel in business class, and will book my own transport.

A 50% deposit will also be necessary to secure the time in my calendar.

West Coast – 4 hour minimum

Midwest & South – 8 hour minimum

East Coast – 14 hour (overnight) minimum


I live an international life, and am always passport ready. Rates vary depending on location and the length of the rendezvous; please inquire.


Extended monthly arrangements available upon discussion, for established friends who just can’t get enough. Feel free to inquire. xx

*Have other pressing questions not answered here? Feel free to send them my way at